Monday, 1 January 2018

What Makes The Philippines a Better BPO Market Compared to Other Nations?

India in particular and Asia, in general, has been the chosen one for out-sourced jobs not so long ago. Cost-effectiveness is the primary reason for Asia scoring high in the BPO sector. Another reason being Asia is adept at speaking and writing the language. It’s mandatory to know the language, English, for Jobs related to customer service.  What are the most popular outsourcing markets in the industry? India and Philippines are battling it out for the top slot. But suddenly the world is abuzz with the fact that the Philippines are indeed creating quite a ripple in the BPO sector! Call centers in the Philippines are ensuring that they keep the investors happy and interested.

Call Center- It is the most important and the reason why foreign investors are attracted in the first place in the country. Plush offices are scattered all over the country and give evidence in itself that the BPO Philippines means big business!

IT services- IT services like programming and software development are also rising up the popularity charts and hence a reason for outsourcing to be the reason why foreign investors are queuing before the Philippines.

Marketing with the help of internet- This industry is gaining steady momentum. The Philippines offer nominal rate in comparison with other countries.

SEO- This industry is fast climbing the popularity charts, in terms of outsourcing.
Virtual employees- Companies choose Filipino workers because they work for less pay.

The growth of the BPO sector in the Philippines
So what is the Philippines doing right and the other Asian nations are failing to notch up? The Data Privacy Act which keeps all information handled by the call center Philippines, private especially sensitive information like details of bank etc. This has helped the Philippines score big in the BPO sector.

Support of the Philippines Government
The Government supports the Philippines Call Centers completely by ensuring implementation of programmes which would be conducive to the mushrooming of business centers in the country. 

Ideal Location
The Philippines is located on the business hub of Asia. The location is ideal for western countries to have dealings with not only the Philippines but rest of Asia as well owing to its strategic location.

Minimal Labor Rates
The yawning gap between labor cost, the effectiveness of operations and benefits can make the Philippines a lucrative proposition.

Talent Galore
The success of the Philippines Call Centres can also be attributed to the fact that there is a teeming population who are really talented and apt for the job. 

Affinity to American Culture
Filipinos have a strong affinity towards American culture and hence they have the greater adaptability to emulate their culture and accent better.

Work Ethics Par Excellence
Professionalism seems to the Filipinos buzz-word. Yes, their values, culture, work ethics and general bonhomie creates the right kind of work atmosphere. They don’t compromise on fun and yet don’t let that tower over integrity and responsibility. That is why the call centers in the Philippines are enjoying such a good run in the market. 

Time Difference does not matter to Filipinos
The reason that the country is enjoying such an elevated status in BPO Philippines is that Filipinos are very flexible and night shifts and erratic schedules do not matter to them. They are accommodating to the requirements of the clients, residing in different countries.

Destination is Ideal for Work as well as Play
A country which is not only equipped with world-class technologies but also scores pretty high on scenic beauty. Investors can enjoy a jolly good time enjoying the beaches and also business prospects. Investors are as much attracted to the virgin beaches and historical sites as the business opportunities. Naturally, Philippines call centers get a major boost as a result of that.

It is Start-up Conducive
Not only big business can reap the benefits of the outsourcing business but also small companies which are about to start can also benefit. 

Economic Stability and Growth
The Philippines as a country has been fairly stable for the past decade. Though its history has been marred by instances of conflicts largely owing to the dictator Marcos. But that is indeed history now, the government is ensuring that the current problems like poverty bureaucracy do not shackle the growth of the Philippines CallCenters. Also, its economic growth is steadily growing 5% every year. It has cushioned itself from the rising fuel prices and food prices, market volatility in general. The global recession has not been able to create a dent in the economic stability of the country.

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