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What is call center? Call centers in the Philippines

A call center is a centralized office that is specifically used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting an exceptionally large volume of requests by telephone. Business enterprises always think of outsourcing whenever they require help in conducting their business affairs with a great deal of efficiency. And one of the most sought-after destinations of outsourcing is the Philippine call centers, followed by Indian call centers.

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That Philippines is one of the topmost capitals of call center outsourcing is a fact which cannot be ignored but what has made it reach the topmost rung of success. So what prompts the contemporary business enterprises to outsource? The reason would be financial need. The drastically reduced expenses owing to hiring the offshore call centers act as an incentive to hire call centers in the first place. If you are wondering what exactly brings down the costs? Then the answer lies in the abundant economic labor. Since there is abundant economic labor the cost naturally comes down. 

Besides the availability of cheap labor, there is another thing that brings down the operational cost. This something is actually the host of fiscal and nonfiscal incentives that the Philippines government always offers to the foreign investors. Why does the government take the extra initiative in making the call center the hub of economic affairs? It is because the call center industry can revive the economy of the country like no other! 

Another very important point to note is that the reduced cost does not affect the quality of the services in any way. So the business thrives on efficiency. 

The Philippines call a center is an excellent option for high volume support low cost & sales. The outsourcing centers at the Philippines is literally booming. In fact, the call center industry in the Philippines is expected to generate more than $25 billion in revenue this year. The talented workforce has something to do with the rapidly growing call center. The talented workforce comprises a high percentage of college graduates and gets access to call center technology. Additionally, Philippines also has a high percentage of English-speaking citizens whose accents resemble that of Americans.
 Many global companies depend on Philippines call centers for services such as customer service, telemarketing, and other business process outsourcing services.  It is for this very reason that, Manila, the capital of the Philippines, has formed the base for most of the Philippines call center companies. The Philippines call centers have competent and well-trained telemarketing agents.  The Filipino agents are conversant with the long history of the United States and know about the culture and social norms.  Most agents also arrive at the call center listing English as their second language. This reduces the communication barriers and makes the customers happy with the services offered to them.

Executives are also realizing about the significant benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines with exemplary customer experience and also stronger ROI. Besides notching cost savings up to 60%, some of the important benefits of outsourcing to a Philippine call center are the following,

Agents with great English-speaking prowess
A large population boasting of competent talent
Drastically reduced costs
Enhanced customer satisfaction

The above reasons make Philippines the outsourcing capital of the world!

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